To prevent vehicles from being  towed, please park in assigned spots.



In order to minimize damage in condominium units caused by water leaking from air conditioner condensation lines, the Board of Trustees has mandated the following policy with regard to Homeowners being responsible for maintaining their HVAC systems on an annual basis. This mandated policy shall be effective immediately.

  1. Between April 1 and May 31 of each year, all Homeowners will be required to have their individual heating and air conditioning systems serviced. This service must include cleaning and flushing of the condensation drain line that is located between the air conditioning unit and the main drain line. If not performed by May 31, the Association will hire an outside contractor to perform the required service. The Homeowner will be invoiced for the services performed by the contractor, including an administrative fee of $30.00 charged by the Association.

  1. Immediately following the servicing of the HVAC unit, the Homeowner will be required to furnish the Association with a copy of a completed Service Order from the heating and air conditioning contractor. The Service Order must specify that as a portion of the services provided, the condensation drain line was cleaned and flushed.

  2. A violation of this policy will cause a fine in the amount of $100.00 to be assessed by the Association against the Homeowner for each month the violation continues after May 31. 


The policy of the Board of Trustees of Longport Ocean Plaza Condominium Association is to make every attempt to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled or handicapped residents in accordance with applicable state and federal law. 

Submittal of Request: A disabled/handicapped owner or resident should complete the Association’s Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form and provide completed copies of the Affidavit of Treating Physician, Acknowledgement of Policy and Procedure for Disabled/Handicapped Owner or Resident to Request Reasonable Accommodation and Animal Registration forms. The completed forms should be delivered or mailed to the Longport Ocean Plaza Condominium Association Management Office. The Association will consider all requests for a reasonable accommodation no matter how the request is made; however, use of the supplied forms will expedite the process.

Procedure for Reviewing a Request for Reasonable Accommodation: Upon receipt of the requested forms (or information supplied) for a disabled/handicapped owner or resident’s request for a reasonable accommodation(s) in the Association’s rules, policies, practices, or services, the request forms will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees within (30) days of receipt, and the owner or resident will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision. If additional information is required by the Board, the review may take longer, and the submitting owner or resident will be so advised in writing. Additionally, it may be necessary for the Association’s legal counsel to review the documentation submitted in support of a request for a reasonable accommodation which in turn, may prevent the Board from providing owner or resident with a decision within thirty (30) days. If the matter is referred to the Association’s legal counsel, owner or resident will be notified in writing.

If the request is approved, any condition of approval will be provided in writing.  If the request is disapproved, the reason for disapproval will be provided in writing.

Guidelines as to when medical documentation is required and what type of medical documentation is required. The Association is entitled to obtain information that may be necessary to evaluate whether a requested accommodation is necessary because of the owner’s or resident’s disability/handicap. If a person’s disability/handicap is obvious and if the request for accommodation also is apparent, then the Association will not request any additional information about the requestor’s disability/handicap or the related need for the requested accommodation.

If the requestor’s disability/handicap is not obvious, after reviewing the submitted request form, the Association may request reliable information that is necessary to verify that the requester has a disability/handicap. If information on the requester’s disability/handicap is requested by the Association, he/she may provide information verifying that he/she meets the foregoing definition of “disability/handicap”, for example, by submitting proof that he/she is under 65 years of age and receiving Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits or private disability insurance benefits. In addition, a physician with expertise in the area of the owner’s or resident’s proposed disability/handicap may provide verification of the disability /handicap through the use of the Association’s form Affidavit of Treating Physician. The Association will supply the Affidavit of Treating Physician form upon receipt of any request for a reasonable accommodation. If the requester’s disability/handicap is obvious, but the need for the accommodation is not apparent, the Association may request information that is necessary to evaluate the disability/handicap-related need for the requested accommodation. In this case, the Association will request reliable disability/handicap-related information that is necessary to evaluate the disability/handicap-related need for the accommodation which may include medical records evidencing dates of diagnosis and treatment for the disability/handicap.

To the extent a disability/handicap is not permanent, the Association may request additional updated medical information as it deems necessary to determine if there is a continued need for the requested accommodation.

The Association may request advise from legal counsel concerning any owners’ request for a reasonable accommodation. Owner consents to the disclosure of all documentation in support of the request to the Association’s legal counsel.

Additional Information: An individual’s need for an accommodation may change over time as a result of changes in the individual’s own level of disability/handicap or impairment, treatments available to mitigate a disability/handicap and/or other circumstances affecting the individual. What qualifies as reasonable in one set of circumstances may not be reasonable or necessary in another. If and when circumstances change, it is the owner’s or resident’s responsibility to notify the Association if the need for reasonable accommodation is no longer required.

Maintaining an Emotional Support/Service Animal: Should a request for a reasonable accommodation to the “no pet policy” be granted, the Association reserves the right pursuant to applicable law, to withdraw this approval at any time should the emotional support/service animal become a nuisance to others, which includes, but is not limited to: barking, biting; aggressive behavior; attacking; owner’s failure to properly dispose of excrement or waste; walking the dog in prohibited areas; failure to comply with all state and local ordinances and statures; not maintaining the animal on a leash at all times when outside of the unit; insect/extermination problems; sanitation/odor problems. Additionally, the approval of the animal may be withdrawn if the requesting party is no longer disable/handicapped. Further, the applicant/owner is required to provide updated medical information concerning his/her disability/handicap (if the disability/handicap is not permanent); current and annual vaccination, immunization and veterinarian records for the animal; all certifications or trainings the animal possesses and to maintain an identification tag on the animal. Owner is solely responsible for any and all damages caused by the animal, whether to person or property.

The emotional support/service animal is required to be walked off the Association property.

All information received by the Association in conjunction with a disable/handicapped owner’s or resident’s request for reasonable accommodation will be kept confidential, as set forth in these Policies and Procedures and in accordance with applicable law. If an other resident or owner inquires as to why a special accommodation appears to have been made, the Association’s representative’s response will be :”a legally mandated reasonable accommodation has been granted”. No additional information will be provided regarding the nature of the disability/handicap.



To avoid water backing up in the drain lines of your condominium unit, or other condominium units, please do not place the following items down garbage disposals:   Pasta, egg shells, rice, bones, lemon rinds, fish skins, grease or oil, vegetable peels, coffee grounds, pits or seeds and stringy vegetables. 

These items will clog the drain and cause waste water to back up into a unit which could cause extensive water damage 



If you intend to be away from your condominium unit for a long period of time, please arrange to have your balcony furniture brought inside your unit or placed in storage. Securing your balcony furniture to the new railings is not permitted, as damage to the glass panels and the railings could occur during a severe storm. We suggest that you drain the water from your hot water heater to prevent water damage to the condominium units below should your hot water heater develop a leak during your absence.

Our maintenance staff is prepared to provide this service and will refill the hot water heater in the spring before you return to the building.The total cost for this service is $120.00. Should you wish to have your hot water heater drained, please contact the front desk and the receptionist will prepare a work order.



In an effort to protect the interior areas of each elevators, the Board of

Trustees has established the following policy.

 1. The transporting of personal items with the Blue Carts, i.e.groceries; luggage; clothing, etc. within Elevators No. 1 and No. 2 (Lobby Elevators) is not permitted. Elevator No. 3 (Service Elevator) must be used when Blue Carts are used for this purpose. The use of Valets for transporting personal items in the Lobby Elevators and the Service Elevator is permitted.

2. Elevators No. 1 and No. 2 (Lobby Elevators) are not to be used for moving furniture, appliances, bedding or any other items in or out of the building. Elevator No. 3 (Service Elevator) is to be used for this purpose. Exception: Large items, i.e.; mattresses, box springs, sofas, sectionals, refrigerators, etc. that will not fit properly inside Elevator No. 3 (Service Elevator) will only be permitted inside Elevator No. 1 after the elevator pads and floor protection has been installed by the maintenance staff.

3. Prior to moving furniture, appliances, bedding or any other items in or out of the building, Owners must notify the Front Desk Receptionist at least two days in advance to allow the maintenance staff enough time to install the elevator pads and floor protection. 

4. Care must be taken when using the Valets inside each elevator. Please keep Valets away from walls and doors of the elevator to avoid scratches and other damage.


 Cleaning & Maintaining Balcony Glass

·        Do not use strong solvents, which are recommended for thinning various types of paints and for cleaning up mastics / sealants;

·        Do not use scrapers or razor blades on the surface of the glass;

·        Avoid scratching the surface of the glass by dry dusting;

·        Do not leave a cleaning solution on the glass panels for more than 30 minutes;

·        Do not allow dirt and residue to remain on the glass for an extended period of time;

·        Do not allow metal parts of cleaning equipment to contact the glass;

·        Do not allow other trades to lean tools or materials against the surface of the glass;

·        Do not allow splashed materials to dry on the surface of the glass;

·        Do not tie balcony furniture to the railing for storage;

·        Do not tie balcony furniture to the railing in the event of a storm or high winds; balcony furniture must be stored inside the condominium unit, or other arrangements must be made for storage.


Cleaning & Maintaining Balcony Railings

·        Remove loose deposits with a wet sponge (avoid scratching the surface by dry dusting)

·        Regular washing of the coating with a solution of warm water and mild detergent using a soft cloth or a sponge;

·        Isopropyl alcohol can be used for the removal of oil and grease;

·        Be sure to rinse off cleaning solution promptly, but do not wait more than thirty minutes;

·        After cleaning, the surface should be completely rinsed with clean cold water; 

A proper maintenance record must be kept and well documented. In the event of a warranty claim, this documentation must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Date
  • Name and address of performing party
  • Description of cleaning procedure and detergents used
  • Signature of person performing the cleaning procedure

WARNING: In some cases, strong solvents recommended for thinning various types of paints and for cleaning up mastics/sealants, are harmful to the extended life of the powder coated surface. These solvents should not be used for cleaning purposes and will render the warranty void if used.



We encourage you to share your email address with us.  Please contact the receptionist at the Front Desk or send the manager an email at:  With your email address on file, we can send you quarterly invoices, maintenance invoices, announcements, and other information.  Using email helps reduce cost to the Association in time, postage, envelopes and paper.



In the event an owner would like to have the electric meter tested for accuracy, there will be a charge of $200 to an owner for the cost of the test.  If the electric meter is found to be faulty, the Association will replace the meter with a new one and absorb the cost of the testing that was performed.



Employees who perform work within a condominium unit on their own time will be regarded as Independent Contractors and in no way represent or act under the direction or on behalf of the Association.  Owners may want to consider naming employees who are hired to do work in a condominium unit as "additional named insured" on the owner's insurance policy.






Swimming alone is not permitted.

Violations of the pool rules will be strictly enforced by management.

Use of the pool deck is not permitted when the pool deck is closed (after 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday and after 7:00 pm Friday through Sunday


Off Season

1.      If you intend to be away from your condominium unit for a long period of time, the following is suggested:  

a.     To prevent pipes from freezing in winter and possibly causing damage to your unit and other units, please turn your    thermostat setting to 55 degrees and set it to auto.

b.     Turn off the water control valve to your hot water heater;
c.     Turn off the breaker to the hot water heater to conserve energy.  

d.     Turn off all lights, fans and unplug the appliances,  including the refrigerator, to conserve energy

e.     Have your balcony furniture brought inside your unit or placed in storage. Securing your balcony furniture to the new railings is not permitted, as damage to the glass panels and the railings could occur during a severe storm.  

f.     Avoid fire code violations, do not store items inside the heating and air conditioning closet.  These are not designated storage areas.

g.    To conserve energy, you may want to clean out your refrigerator and place it on the lowest setting until your return to your unit in the spring.

2.     If you plan on renovating your condominium unit, all types of major renovations must be done between October 1st and April 15th.
Plans must be submitted to management for review by the Board of Trustees. 

3.     All contractors must complete their work and be out of the building by April 15th. 

4.     No major renovations within condominium units will be permitted between May 1st and September 30th; this includes painting of rooms; carpeting; installing cabinetry   Please plan your renovations accordingly so that your contractor is out of the building by April 15th.