MAY 13, 2019

 Dear Homeowner:

In an effort to continue keeping you informed, the following is an update on ongoing activity at Longport Ocean Plaza Condominium.

Litigation Update

The litigation continues to proceed slowly as is customary in this kind of case. We have completed the written discovery with the exception of ARKK who has not given answers to our written requests for information.

Over out objection, Lasher Construction has secured court approval and filed a Third Party Complaint joining four subcontractors of ARKK as parties to their lawsuit: SeaCom Electric, LLC,, Armor Masonry Restoration, John Byrne Painting and Kid Pepper, Inc. d/b/a Tilt-In-Windows. We believe that the purpose of this joinder is an attempt by Lasher to divert responsibility for its own negligence to ARKK’s subcontractors, which will ultimately, if successful, work in our favor since ARKK is liable for the misconduct of its subcontractors. In the short term however, it will complicate this litigation since each of these additional parties will be hiring its own counsel who will be filing responsive pleadings and serving discovery, etc.

On a positive note, counsel for Jon Rosenkrantz, PE (JER) has agreed to waive the arbitration clause in his contract with the Association and be added into the lawsuits already ongoing in the Atlantic County Superior Court with ARKK and Lasher. This is of great benefit to our position since now all of the parties will be involved in the same lawsuit (The Lasher and ARKK cases have been consolidated into one case). We will no longer have to proceed against JER in a separate lawsuit and we have the added benefit of a refund of a substantial portion of the $5000 filing fee we were required to pay to file the lawsuit against JER with the American Arbitration Association.

The Case Management Conference scheduled for April 26, 2019 was adjourned and not yet rescheduled. We have requested the Court to promptly reschedule this so that we can discuss, among other things, the best mechanism to join JER into the pending litigation; the management of the 4 additional parties brought in by Lasher; and the scheduling of a Mediation Conference to try to settle the case before substantial money is spent for depositions and Dispositive Motions.

We believe that the case is progressing well, albeit slowly, and continues to look forward to a favorable resolution.

A more detailed update in this matter will be presented at the Homeowner’s Informational Meeting on May 26. We encourage all Homeowners to attend this meeting.

Deck Board Replacement & Painting

            This project is ongoing and should be completed by May 23, weather permitting.

Pressure Washing of Garage Ceilings

            This project is ongoing and should be completed by May 23, weather permitting.

Railing Post Plates

Hansen Architectural Systems has been engaged in the manufacturing of new balcony railing post plates. The post plates will eventually be installed at the base of all balcony-railing posts. This work continues to be in progress.            

Community Room

New flooring has been installed in the Community Room and new stair treads have been installed at the stairwell.

Lobby Renovation

New wallpaper has been applied to the wall located next to Elevators 1 & 2, and at the middle wall located between the two entrance doors to the lobby.        

Parking Garage Walls

All walls in the parking garage located underneath the building and the exterior swimming pool wall have been painted. The concrete bases at each deck support posts have also been painted.

Pool Fencing

We will begin painting both sides of the swimming pool fencing within the next two weeks,               weather permitting.

Swimming Pool

The electrician from the Borough of Longport has approved the electrical connections in the pump room and has approved the required bonding certificate. Preparations are being made with the pool management company for opening the swimming pool Memorial Weekend.

Beach Chair Storage Area

A privacy fence will be constructed in front of the beach chair storage area and the exterior area of the beach chair storage will be enclosed to prevent sand from getting into the parking area.

Fire Zone

The area in front of the building is a designated “No Parking Fire Zone”. Unauthorized vehicles parked in this area will be towed away at the Vehicle Owner’s expense. No parking signs have been installed.

Loading and unloading of vehicles will be permitted in front of the building; however, the driver of the vehicle must stay with the vehicle, or wait inside the lobby area in case the vehicle must be moved in the event of an emergency. No parking in the fire zone will be strictly enforced.

Work Orders

All requests for maintenance must be presented to the Receptionist at the Front Desk. Do not present maintenance requests to any of the maintenance staff.


All Owners and their guests must park in assigned parking spaces to avoid having their vehicle towed for unauthorized parking. However, currently open parking exists due to the decking project, which should be completed soon.

Elevator Use

Before using the Service Elevator, remove sand from footwear and from beach chairs before entering the building.

Only the Service Elevator is to be utilized for going to and from the Beach and for deliveries of furniture, etc. Do not use the Lobby Elevators for these purposes.

Blue Carts are not permitted to be brought inside the Lobby Elevators.


Service Elevator

The protective elevator pads have been removed from the walls at the Service Elevator. They will be reinstalled at the end of September.

Window and Balcony Railing Glass Panel Cleaning

            The cleaning of the exterior slider glass, exterior windows, and the balcony railing glass panels               (front and back) have been completed.

Units Sold Within The Last Six Months

·       412

Units Currently For Sale and Asking Price

·       201       $535,000          Long & Foster

·       207       $469,000          Berkshire Hathaway

·       214       $324,900          Long & Foster

·       301       $529,000          Casa Bella Realtors

·       304       $610,000          Fox & Roach

·       305       $559,000          Long & Foster

·       307       $619,000          Long & Foster

·       311       $339,000          Fox & Roach

·       314       $344,900          Long & Foster

·       403       $629,000          Long & Foster

·       406       $369,000          Berkshire Hathaway

·       414       $398,000          Long & Foster

·       417       $739,000          Long & Foster

·       511       $379,000          Long & Foster

·       521       $899,000          DiLorenzo Realty


If anyone has photos of the building or surrounding area that they wish to place on the website,     please send them to the management office.

Individual HVAC System Service

Now is the time for all Homeowners to begin scheduling service of their HVAC systems, 
including the cleaning and flushing of the condensation drain lines. Please contact your HVAC
service contractor as soon as possible and inform the front desk receptionist when your contractor
will be arriving at the building to service your HVAC system.

Hallway Carpet Cleaning

            Cleaning of the hallway carpeting has been completed.

Parking Areas

            The restriping and renumbering of the parking areas has been completed.

Elevator Restoration

            Restoration work will begin May 13 at the three elevators. It will take approximately three days
             to complete the restoration process.

Café Bistro

Beginning May 17, we will have a small café open in the Community Room on weekends and holidays for breakfast and for take-out. By now you should have received a notice with a lot of information about Café Bistro, and a copy of the menu. Hours will be 7:00 am to 10:30 am.


Please be patient as we continue to move forward with these projects.

There will be an informational meeting on May 26 at 9:30 am in the Longport Municipal Courtroom.

With all the improvements that have been completed at the building, we hope everyone has an enjoyable summer.

Additional updates will be forthcoming

William Simon, President
Bruce Goldberg, Vice President
Caren Fires, Secretary
Dennis Wasserman, Treasurer
Jonathan Wheeler, Trustee
George Foster, Manager